Hi there! My name is Amanda - I run Jade Calligraphy, and I'm based in Toronto, Canada.

By day, I work at a marketing agency surrounded by artists and puppies. By night, I sit at my calligraphy desk and create beautiful written art with whatever I have on hand - dip pens, brush markers, chalk or watercolours. 

I'm passionate about calligraphy, and I would love to bring its beauty to your wedding or event. I believe there is a special warmth and uniqueness in handwritten envelopes, seating cards, signage, and the little details that you and your guests will appreciate.

On the weekends when I'm not writing away, you will find me scouring home decor stores for my never-quite-complete condo, checking out the newest patisserie in the city, or convincing my husband to let me buy yet another succulent or plant.

Head over to my contact page to say hello or get in touch!

- Amanda Jade

My Story

I think I've always been interested in calligraphy - even before I knew how to spell the word. One of my earliest memories was watching my mum write a beautiful birthday card with a very special blue calligraphy pen. I remember trying to use the pen to write like she did, and just not quite getting the same result. She used that pen for ages - it never seemed to run out of ink, and no other pen wrote like it! To me, that pen was magic. For years after I would doodle letter forms onto the back of every notebook I owned, and I was still handwriting letters to friends while everyone else was emailing or texting.

Inspired by my mum, I started to look into calligraphy and lettering many years later when I was planning my own wedding. I got sucked into the art form, spending all my money on workshops, courses and supplies. I spent hours upon hours losing myself in the gorgeous curves of letters. Though my mum's pen is long gone, I like to think that I've finally earned its magical powers! :)